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Horsemanship Program

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Homeschool horse riding
Homeschool Sacramento Horse Lessons
homeschool horse riding lesson

The Homeschool Horsemanship Program offers an exciting opportunity for young learners to explore the world of horses both in and out of the saddle. Designed specifically for homeschoolers, this program provides hands on experiences that teach kids about horse care, riding and equine related topics with guest speakers/demonstrations.

If you are considering enrolling your child in our homeschool horsemanship class, you'll witness firsthand the magic of connecting with horses and the joy of learning in a supportive environment.


There are a few different ways homeschoolers can take advantage of our horsemanship programs.

About our Programs

sacramento homeschool private horse lessons
homeschool horsemanship
holistic horsemanship homeschool
holistic horsemanship

1) Private Lessons

Private lessons offered to homeschoolers K - 12th grade. In this course, children not only learn the fundamentals of riding but also gain practical  knowledge about horse care. They discover how to groom and tack their horses, bathe them, nutrition/supplements, and how to work with them on the ground. Activities vary based on age and skill level.

$40.00 for a 30 minute lesson

(30 minute lessons are available for K - 1st grade only)

$70.00 for a one hour lesson (available for K - 12th)


2) Homeschoolers Horsemanship

Mini Session (HH101) 6 week Session

This foundational course focuses on safety in the saddle and on the ground. Over six weeks, students learn about grooming, equine tack, horse anatomy, and feeding. Students explore farrier care, ground work, vetranary care, chiropractic, pasture management, equine first aid, and even learn about horse height and weight.

$420 for 6 weeks 2 hours per class (min 4 students max 10 students per mini session)

$80 Drop in's welcomed to join a session during the 6 week period

3) Homeschoolers Holistic Horsemanship

Fall/Spring Semester (HHH101) 10 week Course

For those looking for a more comprehensive experience in the holistic approach to horsemanship. During the semester students are guided along a journey of horsemanship through the eyes of our equine partners. Understanding the horse rather than focusing solely on techniques, holistic horsemanship emphasizes awareness, consciousness, and attunement. Its about feeling and understanding our equine companions. 

Holistic riding involves whole-body awareness. We teach the students to focus on their own posture, balance and energy. Helping students understand that their body and energy influences the horses movement and comfort.

In essence, holistic horsemanship is a mindset that prioritizes the horses well-being leading to a partnership based on trust and understanding.

$625 10 weeks 2.5 hours per class

(min 6 students per semester max 10 students per semester)

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