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sacramento horseriding lessons
horseback riding lessons

Private Horse Lessons

Starting at only

$40 for a 1/2 hour (3 to 7 year old)

$70 for a one hour lesson (7 to adults)

Horse riding lessons are provided in the Western Riding style with an emphasis on Gymkhana and Barrel racing. Our goal is that every student improve at their own pace. Be it wanting to gain poise and confidence, learning the next gymkhana pattern, or just looking for a healthy outdoor activity. Lessons are informative and fun! Students strengthen their legs, their core, learn correct balance, learn communication skills, practice patterns, play games, and maneuver through obstacles.

Private Horseback Riding Lessons

Private horse riding lessons on our horses

*Appointments Required*


Ages 3 to 7 years old

1/2 hour lessons available at $40

Ages 7 and up

One hour lessons available at $70

Sacaramento Horse Lessons
Horseback riding lessons sacramento ca
riding lessons sacramento
Horse Riding Lessons

Group Lessons (4 or more)

Group lessons are provided in both English and Western riding styles.

Group lessons are offered to our riding team, small groups of people at the same riding level, and boarders who want to work on fine tuning their horse or riding skills.

Group riding lessons facilitate more independent riding, helps add the social component, and helps prepare our students for show environments.

Another benefit of group riding is that students can learn from watching others. Sometimes, seeing what it is supposed to look like, or even not look like, is a great way to learn. Learning to ride in a group safely is an important skill and one that riders need if they want to try riding in a horse show or going on trail rides.

Riding in group lessons is also a great way to make friends at the ranch.


Group lessons include 60 to minutes of instruction. Minimum of 4 riders and maximum of 8 riders per class by reservation only.


1 hour group lesson $50.00 per person (with our horse)

1 hour group lesson $35.00 per person (with your own horse)

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