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Our Gymkhana Team: A Weekend of Thrills and Teamwork

Saddle Up Sactown Gymkhana Team

Welcome to the exhilarating world of gymkhana! Our talented team of riders and their trusty steeds just finished up an action-packed weekend. Let’s meet the key players who competed on Saturday and Sunday:

Daphnie and Mama: Daphnie, our seasoned rider, the CGA Single Stake & Figure 8 Stakes Division Champion, partners with Mama, a spirited mare with the heart of a champion. Together, they weave through the course with grace and determination, running A and AA times all weekend. Daphnie's improvement and hard work becomes evident with each passing week at the gymkhana shows. This kid has come so far!! Unrecognizable from just a year ago!

Avery and Casino: Avery, the CGA Single Stake & Barrels Division Champion, our rising star, rides Casino—a horse that knows how to turn heads. Casino’s lightning-fast speed and agility have earned them the title of AA Reserve Champion this weekend. Despite being just 11 years old she has an incredible bond with her horse, fearlessly riding at top speeds.

Charlotte and Super Nova: Charlotte, our fearless competitor, shares an unbreakable bond with Super Nova. This dynamic duo executes flawless patterns, leaving spectators in awe. Charlotte has participated in just two gymkhana races, but during this weekends races, she achieved several A and AA-level times. Her horse is incredibly fast, and if their energy aligns, they might become the local champions.

Haven and Daisy: Haven, our newest team member, takes the reins of Daisy—a spirited palomino with a heart as big as the arena. Their partnership promises excitement and surprises. Haven completed additional patterns this weekend and continues to make progress during practice and lessons every week. Haven demonstrates great coachability.

The Lead Liners—Dallas and Fancy: Dallas and Fancy, our youngest members, lead the way astride Cinderella. Their teamwork sets the tone for our entire team. These two are

incredibly cute as they ride Cinderella, all decked out—it’s simply adorable!

The Art of Gymkhana

Gymkhana is more than just a barrel race; it’s a symphony of speed, precision, and control. Imagine a blend of racehorse speed, cutting horse agility, and stock horse responsiveness—all condensed into thrilling events.

Our team engages in regular practice sessions and attends weekly riding lessons to attain this level of riding proficiency.

Here are some of the challenges our team faces:

Cloverleaf Barrels: Riders sprint around three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern, aiming for the fastest time. The turns require split-second decisions and perfect communication with the horse. Haven demonstrated both poise and determination in this pattern over the weekend.

Pole Bending: Zigzagging through a line of poles tests a horse’s agility. Avery and Casino excel here, their hooves barely grazing the poles as they navigate the course.

Keyhole Race: Picture a tight keyhole shape on the ground. The goal? Enter, pivot, and exit as quickly as possible without stepping over the markers. Daphnie and Mama execute this with finesse.

Figure 8 Stake Race: Charlotte and Super Nova glide through a figure-eight pattern around poles. It’s like a dance—fluid, precise, and breathtaking.

The Heart of Our Team

Our gymkhana lessons program emphasizes sportsmanship and horsemanship. We believe that every competitor, regardless of age or ability, deserves a shot at success.

Balancing the energy of the riders and horses is a crucial aspect of our teams efforts to ensure safety during high-speed gymkhana patterns. Our team's success relies on the strong bond they share with their horses.


As the dust settles after each race, our team stands united. As their coach, I'm proud of each and every one of them! Daphnie, Avery, Charlotte, Haven, Raven, Isabella, Logan, Isobal, Dallas, and Fancy—they’re not just riders; they’re family. Together, we chase the thrill of the arena, fueled by passion and the thundering hooves of our beloved horses. Join us on this exhilarating journey through the world of gymkhana.

Remember, it’s not just about winning—it’s about the joy of riding, the bond with our horses, and the camaraderie with fellow competitors. See you at the next gymkhana event! Go Rodeo Rebels!!


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GO GO GO DAPHNIE! I do not know Daphnie, but I work with her mom, Ambrasia. I get to see pictures, and hear about how much Daphnie loves working, training, and competing with horses . She comes from a great loving family, and her mom is so dedicated to making sure both her children have everything they need.

Daphnie I want to tell you that I cannot wait to watch you compete , because I know you love what you do.


What an amazing sport to be involved in, and an even more amazing team to be a part of! Everyone has been working so hard, putting heart into all they do, practicing daily and weekly to become better for their own goals and their horses', and showing improvement each week. I love watching these kids grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with their horse partners. Go Rodeo Rebels!

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