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Farewell to our beautiful skunk Chica

Updated: Mar 9

In the moon’s soft glow, where shadows play,

Chica, my skunk, dances her final ballet.

Her fur, a midnight canvas, adorned with stardust,

Whispers secrets of twilight, love, and our trust.

Her eyes, like onyx gems, hold memories untold,

Of playful romps in our bedroom night, bold.

We waltzed through moonflower backyard meadows,

Chasing dreams, our hearts entwined shadows.

Chica, my little mischief-maker, with a scent so unique,

You taught me love transcends the ordinary, the meek.

Your gentle paws, delicate as moonbeams,

Touched my soul, awakened my forgotten dreams.

We shared secrets under the ancient sky,

Where Mo Shmo would sometimes walk by.

You’d nuzzle my hand, your trust unwavering,

As if saying, “In this fleeting life, love is all worth savoring.”

Now, as twilight fades, and stars weep silver tears,

Chica rests her weary head, overcoming fears.

Her breath, a fragile whisper, like petals in the breeze,

We cradle her close, praying for solace and ease.

Chica, my skunk, my confidante, my friend,

Our bond transcends time, beyond the bend.

In the quiet of night, as constellations align,

I’ll carry your spirit, forever intertwined.

And when the morning sun paints the sky anew,

I’ll remember our dances, our laughter, and you.

Chica, my sweet skunk, take flight on love’s wing,

For in my heart, your memory will forever sing.

Thank goodness this is a short ride

my Chica Chica, see you on the other side.


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