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My best friend Rio

Updated: Apr 15

My best friend was once considered a difficult and unmanageable horse. Rio has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, blossoming into not just a steadfast ally, but also my dearest friend. This tale of growth and friendship begins with a bit of a rough start, our initial encounters were characterized by challenges and misunderstandings that tested both patience and resolve.

In the early days, Rio might have been seen as a "bad" horse—not because of any inherent malice but due to a complex mix of past experiences, fear, and mistrust. He struck out, kicked, bucked, bit, and resisted handling, making every interaction a test of wills. Training sessions were ended in frustration, and the first rides were unpredictable and very dangerous. It seemed as though I was at an impasse, with a beast that appeared unyielding and wild-hearted.

However, the term "bad" was a misnomer, a label applied to a horse simply acting according to its nature and past experiences. At one time considering giving up, I chose to look beyond these labels, to see the potential that lay within this spirited animal. With unwavering commitment and a heart full of hope, i chose to embarked on a journey that would transform not only Rio's behavior but the very nature of our relationship.

Time, consistency, and compassion became my tools. I learned to listen with more than my ears, to understand the subtle language of equine communication, the flick of his ears, the softening of his beautiful eyes, the tension in his muscles. I adjusted my approach, employing gentle training methods that built trust rather than demanding submission. Each small breakthrough was a triumph, each shared moment of connection a step closer to an unspoken understanding.

As the seasons passed, the horse that once stood aloof began to seek my presence, greeting me at the gate with a 'who-who' or a nuzzle. The rides became harmonious, with Rio offering his strength and grace willingly, moving as one with me through open fields and along shaded trails next to lake Natoma. The trust that had once seemed so elusive now flowed freely between us, a sacred bond forged through patience and mutual respect.

Now, years later, I stand side by side with a creature that is no longer just a horse but a cherished The memories of early struggles have faded, replaced by countless moments of joy and companionship. My horse has become an embodiment of loyalty and affection, a testament to the transformative power of love and understanding.

This horse, once labeled as "bad," has proven to be a true friend with a heart as vast as the skies under which we ride together. The journey we have shared is a poignant reminder that even the most challenging beginnings can lead to the most extraordinary friendships. Our bond, now unbreakable, continues to deepen with each passing day, a friendship that has become a defining aspect of my life. I love you Rio, my horse, my best friend.

My Baby Rio and I


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