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The benefits of horseback riding

Updated: Feb 28

For me, horseback riding, or even just being in the presence of a horse, has both physical and mental health benefits.

From the outside world, it may look as if we are just simply sitting on the horse, not doing much, but going along for the ride. Truth be told, if you are riding correctly, you're engaging muscles all over your body, from your core, chest, back, legs, and arms. Riding the "whole horse" requires balance and timing with your ques. It requires a oneness between you and your horse.

You can find articles all over the internet describing the benefits of horseback riding on a physical level, including, cardiovascular health, improving posture, improving balance and coordination, promoting healthy circulation and flexibility, the list goes on and on.

Personally, I find riding or spending time with my horses rewarding on a spiritual level. A famous quote by Winston Churchill sums it up for me...."There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." If you've had the opportunity to spend quality time with one of these beautiful majestic creatures, its likely you've experienced the joy they bring to your heart.

Horses provide me with a connection to something unexplainable that has to come from a higher consciousness. They help me with a higher level of awareness and mindfulness. Working around horses keeps you living in the moment as you have to read their body language and communication among the herd. You have to be cognizant of not only your movements but your thoughts and emotions. Horses pick up on our body language and emotions better than you could imagine, so before I work with them, I clear my mind, take a deep relaxing breath or two, and set clear intentions of what I am going to do or ask for. I feel like the world stops for a bit while working around them and all of the outside problems melt away, waiting outside the gate for me.

Whatever discipline you ride, all horse people have something in common. We share in a lifestyle that has forever changed our lives and touched many others. From the love of a horse.

We always laugh at the crazy things horse people do that just seems so normal to us. Sometimes we horse people are not quite understood, but I feel truly blessed to be a part of the crazy horse people life!


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